Three Generations | 50 Years of Heritage

Our Story

Our story begins with three brothers, raised in the dairy industry of Orange County, moving to the Imperial Valley following World War II. What began as a farming operation quickly evolved into cattle feeding in order to utilize the abundance of feed available. Today, through innovation and hard work, the second and third generations have grown the operation from 1500 to over 30,000 head of cattle.

We’ve been here a long time and we have a vision for the future.

Tom Moiola
John Moiola

Our Goal

"Moiola Brothers Cattle Feeders grows and feeds the very best product, producing the highest quality beef available."

Our Team

Hugo Gonzalez
Cattle Manager
Tony Escobar
Feed Manager
Gina Ruiz
Chief Financial Officer
Priscilla Prado
Human Resourses / Feed and Cattle Clerk
Marcy Ripley
Administrative Assistant / AP and Inventory Clerk
Clarissa Vargas
Receptionist / Weigh Master
Dr. Biwer
Consulting Veterinarian
John Beckett
Consulting Nutritionist


From calf ranch to harvest:

  • Cattle checked daily for health
  • Water troughs filled automatically by drinkers
  • Around the clock dust control
  • Feed milled on site daily
  • Commodities procured locally when possible
  • Micro ingredients monitored by micro machine
  • Stress free environment
  • Dedicated, humane treatment of animals

Contact Us

Moiola Brothers Cattle Feeders
1594 Gonder Road
Brawley, CA 92227
For feeding opportunities contact:
Tom Moiola at (760) 344-1919 or
John Moiola at (760) 455-0399